ScanAssist 1.2

ScanAssist is the perfect partner to any scanner and makes managing scanned documents very easy. It keeps a store of every page ever scanned in a unique Gallery without the need to save to disk. Documents can then be emailed, faxed, copied or printed direct from the Gallery.

:: Download ScanAssist ::

Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP:

file: sa_inst.exe (740 kb)

Input: Scanning is easy; Your scanner's TWAIN driver is used to acquire the document and it is transferred instantly into ScanAssist.
Gallery: Every scanned document is automatically stored in the Gallery for future use. The images are saved as jpeg format will be kept forever. Apart from the main Gallery, new galleries can be created and the images freely moved around between galleries. This makes it incredibly easy to manage hundreds of documents, all without the need to save to file!
Print: You can print a scanned document any size, any position on the page. This makes ScanAssist a very capable photocopier!
Email: ScanAssist makes emailing scanned documents so easy - type in the address (or get a contact from your regular address book), type a subject and a message and then add images from the Gallery. Click on Send and the email is on its way!
JPeg Compression: ScanAssist uses the latest Intel JPeg Libraries to achieve amazing compression - this means that emailed documents won't take as long to send or receive!
Free to try:
ScanAssist is free to try - you can install and run ScanAssist at no cost. If you like it you can register it for $14 (£9.50). It is fully functional and will work for 10 scans after which you will be reminded to register.

2 for 1:
If you register ScanAssist then you will also get a PhotoAssist registration for free! PhotoAssist is the sister-product and is brilliant for scanners! Note that the PhotoAssist registration only applied on the same PC as the ScanAssist installation.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

main page
the gallery

Version history

1.2 Split into ScanAssist and PhotoAssist. Registration process changed to annoy hackers.
1.1 Allows multiple image downloads straight to Gallery. Drag'n'Drop added. (27 Jun 2002)
1.0 Initial release.

System requirements

In order to install ScanAssist you will need a PC with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT 4, 2 MB of Hard Disk space and a TWAIN compliant scanner (almost all scanners are TWAIN compliant).

How to install ScanAssist

- Click here to download the file sa_inst.exe (740 kb).
- Select Run this program from current location and click on OK.
- ScanAssist will then download and install.
- Once installation is complete there will be a ScanAssist icon on your desktop and a ScanAssist program group.