Office Mail


Office Mail 2.0

Office mail is a complete email solution for small/medium businesses, homes, schools and colleges. It is a small email server which forms the perfect gateway between your internal and external email.

It works with all email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Opera etc) as well as providing webmail and will perform the following functions:

1. It collects everyone's email through a single internet connection and then delivers to the appropriate user depending on who the email was addressed to (allowing the use of a domain 'catchall' account). Users can then collect their email through the Local Area Network even if they don't have an internet connection.
2. It delivers everyone's email to the outside world using the same internet connection.
3. It provides everyone on the network with internal email so that users can email each other instantly.
4. It filters out spam and harmful viruses!
5. It provides users with mail forwarding and auto-responding.

In other words it gives everyone on a LAN spam- and virus-free email - both to everyone else on the LAN and to the outside world. Install Office Mail on one PC (it doesn't even have to be a dedicated PC) and everyone on the network can use it to send and receive emails from their PCs.

Other features include:
- Intelligent routing allowing internal emails to be delivered instantly.
- Use of aliases so that one POP collection can be distributed to the appropriate user.
- Unlimited users - we don't believe in charging people on a sliding per-user basis.
- Regular mail checking using a dial-up connection or a permanent, broadband one. No more manual Send/Receiving.
- A tray icon to clearly show progress, errors and new mail.
- Will work on any PC without using valuable resources - you do not need a dedicated machine.
- Browser support for remote administration.
- Webmail system allows remote email access through the Internet.
- Addin system allowing custom reaction to certain emails.


Office Mail comes in two forms:
Free: The free version is fully functional, but adds two lines to the bottom of every outgoing message, to say that you use Office Mail. The anti-spam and Addin features are disabled. Note that there is no time or user limit with the free version.
Registered: 39 (UK) or $59 (US) - You can upgrade the free version to the registered version by following the registration instructions in Office Mail. Once registered our footer will no longer be applied to outgoing mail and you can apply your own custom footer.

Some people said:
"Perfect Email Server Program" - JBP,
"All this for free...... WOW" - Jason,
"An efficient and free method of providing the entire office with email via a single internet connection." - vnunet review
"The best mail server I tried for our business (and I tried a few)." - Dave Thompson, Comments Page